Sunday, March 6, 2016

This is how country feels

Twenty months ago we made a decision that has impacted our day to day life significantly. We had no idea how we would be impacted for certain but we are loving how our story is unfolding. That decision happened to be making a move to the country.

As a city girl at heart, I think I struggled the most with our move, but, somehow, the country just changes a person. It just does. Watching my children have the space to breathe, grow, and explore softens me and makes me start to fully appreciate the life we are offering our children.

This has me singing some Randy Houser:

🎶 Let your hair down, hair down

Get you some of this laid on back

Kick your shoes off, kick 'em off

Get you some of this slow down fast

I'll take you up and down these hollers and hills

Let me show you how country feels 🎶

Country looks good on us, too:

Did you notice we seem to be officially collecting animals? Why, yes, yes we are. Along with 2 outside cats we have now added chickens to the mix.
Payton just love to "pet" them because they are "oh, so cute," she says. We are all adjusting well to these additions.

We hope our children grow to appreciate the opportunities they were given. We don't take many deductions lightly when it comes to them, it seems. We look forward to see where our journey goes.

This is how our country feels.

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