Thursday, March 24, 2016

Riley is 8 months

I'm a wee bit late on this post. The truth is, I actually thought I already wrote this post. Maybe I'm more tired than I would like to admit. My brain definitely seems to be missing these days. *sigh.

Look at this 8 month cutie. I just want to squeeze those little cheeks.

Age: 8 months

Stats: He weighs about 22 pounds, maybe? As is usual, I still don't know his stats as we haven't been to the dr. recently. He is still in size 12 month clothes.

Nicknames: We still mostly call him Riley. Riley bug, little guy, big guy, and baby are still commonly used.

Milestones: Riley is especially interested in his body lately and loves to open and close his hands. He is close to crawling but prefers if someone holds him while he practices smiling. He has 2 teeth but has at least one more about to poke through.

Sleep had been going well and then teething started. I am now up with Riley about every 3 hours. It's been rough on both of us as Riley finds he needs extra naps during the day and I dream of getting a nap. Riley continues to eat many fruits, vegetables, and meats. He loves chicken and I can't get that to him fast enough. He has had no issues with not wanting to eat, the boy always wants fed.

Favorite things: Riley loves food, babies, and any toy he bang on the ground. He gets especially excited and will kick and squeal when he knows he is getting a bath or can look out a window. Riley loves touch and anyone making eye contact with him. Let's face it, he loves attention! 

Signature moves: Someone is now at a point where mommy can't leave the room. He also rarely reaches for anyone to get him, except for mommy. He is a mama's boy for sure.
Oh, Riley, you are such a fun addition to our little family.

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