Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Update

Next week, August begins. Summer is flying by quickly around here. I try to keep our summer low key but somehow it ended up much busier than I initially thought. Today though, we are hanging out on our small piece of land and enjoying apples from our apple tree. This experience is new for Riley and his feelings are written all over his face.
It is fair week here and the kids are also loving this experience. We took the kids to play a few games at the carnival and see all the exhibits and animals and the fair. Payton's dance instructor happens to have pigs entered and let Payton feed a marshmallow to a pig. Guess what animal Payton wants next?
And speaking of dance teacher, Payton took dance class and gymnastics this summer. It was a good way for us to test the waters at a discounted rate. She had a blast but I'm not sure what she'll do this fall. Between the two classes and the library's reading challenge, we were really busy during the week with activities. It was a lot to take on with 2 kids and balancing out naps, meals, and moods.
Although I don't know what she'll do next, we have a month to decide and just be. That's a beautiful gift. I love having a free schedule and days of no hurrying. So, if you need us, we will be walking, eating popsicles to beat the heat, dining on the patio, and doing any silly thing that comes to mind.
And while we're at it, we'll be sure to keep checking for chicken eggs. Yes, EGGS. Our chickens (well at least one) are finally producing eggs. So far we get one egg daily. We are celebrating each and every one.
Have an eggcellent rest of your week!

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