Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Little One's Life: Month Three to Six

Holy cow, my baby is now 7 months! She is getting so big, so fast! Let’s recap the last 3 months, shall we?!?!?

Month 4- Payton joined the family for her first Husker game! We watched it at our house and she made it about half-way through the game before taking a nap! At 4 months, 1 week she rolled over for the first time and our hearts leapt for joy. Watching her meet this milestone was quite the tale at our house! By the end of the month, she was quite the rolling over pro! She also attended her first wedding. Payton was the life of the party!

·     Month 5- Payton is now sitting up by herself. She loves, loves, LOVES to laugh and play. Our family dogs are the highlight of her day and she continues to love talking to them all the time. She is so close to crawling, it’s scary. Literally! Mommy keeps ending her tummy time sessions early because she isn’t mentally ready for a crawler! Just kidding… er, kind of. Payton sits in her highchair while we eat meals (no food yet, next month). During the day, Payton’s favorite activity is watching her mommy do laundry (which is great since we are in no short supply of that here)!

·   Month 6- During Payton’s first week of this month, she began solids. We started her with oatmeal and breast milk. Payton HATED it. We caught it on camera and know she will find some humor in the video sometime down the road. She is however drinking water out of a glass very well!
Payton had her first Halloween and went as a monkey! Originally, she was going to be Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, but that outfit was waaaay too big for her.  By the end of 6 months, she was waving. The first time she did this was when her daddy was leaving to go hunting for the weekend. Mommy and Payton were standing by the door and she started waving at him. I think Daddy almost wrecked his truck, he was in such shock. Payton spent the rest of the weekend waving hello and goodbye to several family members. So precious.

       About the pictures: We continue to take creative monthly pictures for our little one (see months1-3 here). We try to make the picture reflect the time in her life and her current interests.

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