Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keeping the Marriage Alive: Snack Dates

As I was wrapping up a long work week on Friday, I realized that the sheer exhaustion from my hectic schedule made me feel like I had ZERO energy to survive Friday night. Before child, Friday nights meant doing whatever I pleased and I would have relaxed and gone to bed early! With child, think again. 

As I prepared to face my evening, I still had dinner to make, eat, feed, bathe, and get my child to bed. My husband admitted to being as wiped as I was. Uh-oh. The last thing any marriage needs is both partners exhausted and trying to manage baby duties and run a household.

Nervous that exhaustion could potentially lead to fighting during the course of the evening, an impromptu snack date ensued to lift our moods and unite us together as we conquered the night!

I made a mad dash to the grocery store and picked up Oreos (on sale), which are a real treat and rarity in our house. I also found some mini cupcakes (clearance out). Nothing like a sugar high to help us conquer the night, eh?!?! 
I brought these items home and lit a few candles I had hidden away and ta-da:

I knew my hubby would want milk with his Oreos so I prepared for him to ask. Of course, I took it up a notch and served the milk in a wine glass. This is our new cocktail hour!

We took a seat together with our child and talked about our day! This gave us the calm before the storm we desperately needed. We also were able to reconnect before taking on our nightly chores.

I encourage you to have a snack date today! Let me know how it goes!

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