Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saving Money on Appliances

At our house, we have very nice, high-end appliances. You would never believe we paid next to nothing for them. As long as you don't get yourself in a bind where you have to buy an appliance immediately (like when your microwave suddenly kicks the bucket) you can take your time to get the best bargain. Here are ways you can save:

1. Ask for the item as a gift.

This may or may not be feasible. For Christmas a few years ago, my husband's parents bought us a deep freezer. I also went with my siblings and purchased a used fridge for my parents as a gift. For our wedding, my parents bought us our stove as our present. There may be opportunities where you can ask for an appliance as a gift. Nothing beats free!

2. Buy used.

If you have a local Facebook group in your area that buys, sells, and/or trades, join this group. On my local page today, I have seen a dishwasher and a microwave go for less than $50 each. Craigslist is another site that can offer steals. Garage sales also tend to have occasional appliances for sale at a cheap price.

3. Buy the store model.

Most stores sell the model on the floor for much less than the original price. Be sure to ask if that is a possibility at the store you are browsing.

4. Take the risk on a fix-it project.

This one could be the cheapest route, besides getting the item as a gift! Sometimes, you will find someone that has a broken appliance and doesn't want to fix. Instead of throwing away, they will sell for cheap or give the item away.  That is how we landed this item:

Yes, this microwave was free! The person we got from had used for 2 years and then it stopped working. They were given an estimate of $250 to fix (they bought for $600). My husband took this project on! For $100 in parts, the microwave was fixed!

5. Look for discounted, returned items. 

You want to ask the store about this. Not all stores keep these items in plain site. For instance, in our area, Menard's keeps returned items outside by their lumber. The stove our parents purchased for us was a return for a slight blemish on the top corner of the stove. We never notice it, but love the clearanced price!

6. Sell your appliances.
Selling the appliances you currently have can help to pay for your new items! Just be honest, if the appliance isn't working well, let potential buyers know.

Share some ways you save on appliances.

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