Thursday, May 15, 2014

College or Not?

Mel at brokeGIRLrich was gracious enough to let me do a guest post on her blog on how my college education enhanced my career. See an excerpt:

                   Recently, a friend of mine said, “If I could give back my masters
                   degree to get rid of the student loans that came with it, I would.”
                   This is an individual that I went to grad school with.
                   She got me thinking about how I wouldn’t change having a college
                   degree for anything. Going to college was one of the better
                   investments I have ever made in my career. Let me share with you
                   why it can pay to invest in yourself and earn a college degree.

Click on over and join the discussion... Is grad school worth it? Also, if you are considering college but are worried about how to pay for an education, be sure to check out my E-book.

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