Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Living Life Exhausted

Life gives us such funny moments, don't you think? Sometimes, we may have to put some distance to our moments though before we find them funny! That has been my week. I have been busy and I promise you, there have been tears shed!

I have had my share of moments to laugh at as I find a new level of exhaustion. My hubby has been out of the country for work, family has come and gone with visits, and my little one is teething which has lead to almost no sleep the past week. I thought I would share with you some of my funny moments, in case you need a laugh yourself. Go ahead, laugh at my expense, I don't mind:

1. I have a keurig and drink coffee on days I absolutely can't wake up. A few days ago, I poured the water into the spot where the k-cup goes. What a mess to clean up, water was everywhere!

2. Upon waking, I put on my reading glasses because I didn't have the energy to put my contacts in. I ran around the house picking up from the night before and started breakfast. My mom walked in and asked if I was going outside or if I just like wearing my sunglasses inside. Yeah, I never even gave it a second thought as to how I still couldn't see nor did I notice the room getting darker.

3. Since we are doing some painting at our new house, I had to stop at a local hardware store and get some paint rollers. I was at the checkout when I realized I didn't have my wallet (aka: NO money). My mother-in-law saved the day by stopping in and loaning me some cash. Still embarrassing. 

4. You would think with #3, I would have learned to take my wallet with me or, at the minimum, stick some cash in my car. Once again, I found myself running to town to pick up fast food, only to discover I forgot to grab money! I turned around and made dinner at home. Great way to save money, I guess!

5. I ran a quick errand while my mother was watching my daughter (this time the wallet made the trip) and amazingly everything went smoothly. I came home, went to take off my shoes, and gasped in horror as I realized I wore 2 different sandals on my errand run!

It may be time for this momma to call it a week! 

Okay, I did actually have some very successful moments, too! My mom came to visit and we spent an afternoon shopping. I got this new tank and absolutely love it!
I am kind of embarrassed to admit I have already worn it a few days this week! It is going to be a great on-the-go, throw-it-on tank for me!

I also got Payton signed up for swimming lessons! We have been "practicing" by swimming in our pool almost daily! Grandma enjoyed this time, too! 

How has your week gone?

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