Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Summer Goals

With summer quickly approaching, I find myself daydreaming about warm weather, pools, walks, and barbeques. As I think of summer, I started to put together a few goals I hope to accomplish during this season. Since we hope to bring baby #2 home in July, our summer may be spent mostly transitioning to a new baby but I still have a few goals:

1. Increase Payton's Library Attendance
Since my husband has been traveling more lately with work, we have definitely not been taking advantage of the weekly story time offered at our library. Payton has so much fun being around other children, playing, and hearing stories. I hope to get her there most of this summer!

2. Get Outside
Last summer, we lived outside! You would typically find us in our own backyard or at the park. After baby #2 comes I am thinking, if we get outside, it will most likely be in our backyard. I'm hoping to shake that up a bit with frequent walks in town, feeding the ducks, picnics, and playing at the park. Now that Payton is 2 she is so much more interactive with her environments and these places have only become more and more fun! I'm hoping to work with that by giving her plenty of different activities this summer to enjoy.

3. Prepare for Baby 
After surviving learning how to become a parent to my daughter, I feel I now know a thing or two about preparing for the arrival of a little one. I hope to have our little one's room ready and clothing ready before he comes (opposed to our parents throwing together while we were in labor with our first). I'm also hoping to prepare freezer meals prior to the birth of our son. I remember vividly how hard it was to keep up with the cooking and cleaning so I am hoping some prep work before baby will greatly pay off!

4. Grow a Garden
We have had gardens in the past but this is the very first year to plant our garden from seeds! We started them inside the house and I'm looking forward to moving them into the garden! Our daughter loved the food we grew last year and I'm so excited to see how she reacts to the garden now that she's another year older!

5. Take a Quick, Close to Home Vacation
This may or may not even be a realistic goal. My husband's work schedule has had him traveling like crazy, but I hope to make a quick getaway before our next little one arrives. Before our daughter, we used to vacation all over the world but those trips have been postponed (indefinitely) while growing our family. We did take a quick vacation last year over Valentine's day and we had such a blast! I miss traveling and seeing the world sometimes, but for now, I really love our quick weekend road trips that happen annually with my expanding family.

What are your goals for this summer?

Happy May Day!

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