Thursday, July 2, 2015

36 Weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks pregnant. I decided it's not too late to get my 36 weeks photo done (better late than never I guess)! We hurried and took this photo today and I am thinking this could easily be the last pregnancy picture I take before baby comes. Only time will tell!

Payton is so excited for her baby brother to come! She is constantly talking to me about baby, kissing my belly, and trying to feel her brother move!

So an update to this pregnancy:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity clothes: All maternity, all the time now! I am wearing mostly yoga pants with tank tops and t shirts. I did buy one maternity dress this time around and I wear that frequently as well. I'm about as comfy as I can get!

Sleep: Sleeping really well the last few weeks! Payton has transitioned from her crib to a twin bed and has done amazingly well. She has only had a few times in the last month that she has gotten up during the night. Unfortunately, when she wakes, she is up for at least 2 hours at a time. 
Best moment this month: It's been so much fun watching Payton show so much interest in her baby brother. She is so excited for him to come. She was a great help with getting his clothes ready.

Worst moment this month: I continue to struggle with back and hip pain. It has been manageable for the most part. I have had a lot of heartburn and I am hoping that the old wive's tail is right and this kiddo will be born with a full head of hair! :)

Miss anything: Especially with the 4th of July coming up, alcohol is hard to give up sometimes. I also miss not moving around as easily as I did before. 
Movement: Lots of movement although it's getting quite tight in there for baby! He continues to make small movements throughout the day though.

Cravings: I'm hungry constantly but not necessarily for anything in particular. I'm always down for a shake or malt!

Queasy or sick: Feeling good.

Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to meeting this little one. Our doctor is saying any day now despite not being full term. We are so nervous and feel completely not ready, but are so excited at the same time! I have a check-up tomorrow and will know more about where we stand with him coming. I can't wait!

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