Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Weekend Full of Firsts

We are totally taking today easy because this weekend was a whirlwind for us. It was just our family, no company, but we decided to take full advantage with doing some new things.

When we got our mail on Friday, there was a package for our kids from their aunt, uncle, and cousin. They got some early valentines day gifts and loved modeling their new clothes.

My husband took our daughter to her first banquet & benefit. We were unsure of letting her go since it would go way past her bedtime, but decided to go ahead. Instead of taking the whole family when we knew Riley would struggle with staying up so late, Payton got to enjoy some daddy time.
She had a lot of fun and saw a few of her friends there. They called it a night before the event ended as Payton got very tired and a bit busy. Payton is already planning her next date with daddy.

Riley had no problem saying goodbye to his daddy and sister as this meant that he got to spend his evening with me, just me. I made hot dogs and macaroni & cheese because we almost never get that meal and so it's a favored special occasion meal. We read some stories and played together. It really wore Riley out as he wanted to go to bed right after we ate dinner. I finally gave in and put him to bed about 6:45PM, which is still a bit before his typical bedtime. Having mommy to yourself can be exhausting!

On Sunday, we took the kids on their first fishing trip. Payton was so excited! She got a fishing pole last year and spent most of the summer and winter practicing casting and reeling in. She is pictured below with her first catch, a feather! That made her day.
 What girl doesn't make sure to have her tutu and jewelry on for a special fishing trip? Payton definitely keeps us entertained! She didn't catch any fish but had a good time trying. We also saw the ducks and let the kids play at the park for awhile. Riley spent most of the fishing trip bundled up, with this expression on his face:
We kick started Monday morning with Payton waking us up that was going to get sick. She did get sick a few times but has been fine since. In any case, both kids have been taking it easy as we get caught up around the house. 

Another DIY project was started on the house and I plan to post pictures when it is done. We extended the size of our storage room in order to eliminate a very tiny closet. Monte put up the new wall and framed in the spot for a new door. Who knows when this will be done, but I will share when it is!

I hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is going well!

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