Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Baking with My Little Valentines

I love the concept of Valentine's day but, as a couple, we don't really partake in the holiday as many others do. We don't typically do flower, gifts, or a fancy dinner. Instead, we focus on doing acts of kindness for each other and encourage our children to do the same. Payton did make cards for family and friends and she plans to do a special party for the occasion. That will probably be low key and supplies will be whatever we have around (balloons, construction paper, etc).

We do love to bake though and thought we should do some festive treats for this holiday. Payton really wanted to decorate a cake so we made heart cakes. We made the cakes together one day and then frosted them the next. I have found breaking up the activities helps me keep my sanity and keeps the kids from completely losing steam by the end. Its a win-win. They had a blast baking, creating, and then eating!

After baking the cakes, I gave the kids a few colored frosting choices, a variety of sprinkles, and a few cookie cutters and let them go! We ended up with some cute cakes that taste delicious. I love watching how both kids have continued to increase their art skills as we continue doing projects that allow them to be so creative.

I found this heart cake pan (similar pan here) at our local library:
We try to utilize our library for anything and everything that we can. Many libraries carry much more than just books, so I encourage you to look into what your local library has available if you don't already know.
The cakes turned out perfectly and this was an easy to do activity with the kids. Now, we will sit back and enjoy our cakes for the next couple of days!

What do you do for Valentine's day typically?

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