Friday, February 3, 2017

DIY and this week

It's Friday! Yay! In so many ways, this has been a long week. This was probably the first week in months that our household was (for the most part) healthy. Payton has also kept us quite entertained with her ever increasing language skills. She has decided when she uses the restroom she will need "piracy" at all times. Let's all take turns laughing as we give  her the privacy she deserves.

We decided to start a DIY project last weekend and it was a quick project that was 2 years in the making. Our house layout is a mostly closed floor plan and we have been working very hard to make it more of an open layout in the main living areas. We decided to put a look through from our kitchen to our living room. 
We ended with this:
We are loving this change and it already feels like it has been here forever. The kids love to put their toys on the shelf and play peek-a-boo with each other. In the end, we have no idea why we procrastinated this project. It was less than 6 hours of labor and makes a huge difference in our house. Now, the kids aren't getting away with as much as they used to while I am cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

For the rest of the week, we floated through life. The weather here was gorgeous at the beginning of the week, hitting the high 40s and letting us get outside. It was the breath of fresh air we needed before being stuck inside again.
We started Friday with a fresh layer of snow. The kids convinced me to get outside at 7:45AM to play. I guess they were ready since they kick started their morning at 6AM. I was still slow moving. It was fun to be out in the fresh snow basking in the quiet beautiful, white layers until a little someone had a potty accident because she couldn't get inside fast enough. Take the good with the bad. And drink coffee.

I let the kids do a little watercolor painting. This is always a well received activity. Payton is growing by leaps and bounds in the coloring department. She is now much more focused on putting certain colors in specific spots. Time goes so fast. Wasn't it yesterday she was just flinging the colors wherever they ended up?

The house is quiet now as I type this with my youngest napping and my oldest enjoying some quiet time on her own. Mom life is so full of beautiful moments and also so full of very hard moments. I never know if I am doing what's right or serving God the way he intended. I question so much some days. Yet, other days, I can take a deep breath and know I'm right where I belong, because, the real truth is, this is exactly where I'm meant to be. If you need me, I'll be counting eggs with my preschool aged daughter and kissing away the millionth boo boo my son has gotten.

Keep on keeping on! Happy Friday! Tell me, what are you up to this weekend?

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