Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What I Wish for You- An Open Letter to My Children

Dear Payton and Riley,

In the last 1,023 days of my life I have been fully immersed in motherhood. Although I can not say I have escaped the feelings of being overwhelmed, fatigued, scared and lonely; I can say I have also felt love, happiness, and a greater sense of purpose for my own life. I am not super mom. I do try super hard.

During these 1,000+ days, I don't think more than a few minutes have gone by without my mind thinking of you in some shape and form. I suppose that's what happens when a person becomes a parent, but it is still a fact that awes me. Today, I wanted to clear the air on some thoughts I have had on what I wish for you.


May you always have a warm, loving heart. I won't be surprised if you seek positions that require care giving in some form. You spend most of your time teaching, loving, and caring for your family, toys, and animals. God has called you to foster relationships and love others. Don't let that get away from you in life.

You are more like your mother than you may ever be willing to admit so, in many ways, I feel like I understand you so well. You love to please others and have a wide range of emotions that can rotate a full 180 degrees at the drop of a hat. Remember, you are important, too, and feelings will come and go.

As I watch you growing ever so quickly, I am always amazed at your zest for life. You have big dreams and want to do it all. Chase your dreams my sweet girl. Even failure will teach you great lessons.


My sweet baby boy. Oh how your personality is starting to present itself these days. You are so easy going and willing to do whatever we ask of you, but in your own way and timing. For instance, you will go outside with us when we ask but you can take your time getting any goal accomplished. Almost daily you choose to walk with me to the mailbox to get the mail. You have yet to actually make it once to the mail box with me. You are so intrigued by everything around you and find satisfaction in whatever is right there. May you always take life slowly and look at everything on your path.

You have such a sense of humor and love to laugh. When life gets hard, which it will, my wish for you is that you can always find an angle to each scenario that makes you laugh. This will help you get through the challenges.
May you spread your wings and fly my child! You can always come back home. I promise to leave the light on.

To the both of you-

You love each other so much right now. May you never lose sight of that love. There will be disagreements and you will sometimes do something the other one doesn't agree with. Remember, you will always have each other and some day you may only have each other.
So, mend the wounds, hug it out, and always try to find some common ground between you both. You will never regret taking the time to foster this relationship you have together. "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." -Desmond Tutu

I wish for you love, peace, and happiness as you go through this beautiful life. Thank you for being a part of our little family.



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