Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Little Bit of News

I have a tendency to feel like life moves too quickly. Several of my mom friends talk about how the days are so long, but the years are short. I don't quite know if I agree with that personally. My days are too short and my years feel even shorter. I'm trying to enjoy every second I have with my children, especially while they are little.  It's amazing to think about how life really started for me with this little girl:

She changed my world as I knew it and made me a mother. In so many ways, she has taught me more about life and myself than I have taught her. I balanced full time work and motherhood in the beginning and then switched to part-time work so I could focus more on my beautiful daughter. Then this little one arrived and my world got even busier:
 But, my heart multiplied with love. I had a hard time balancing work and motherhood and eventually, my husband and I decided it was in the best interest of our family for me to end my part-time work and focus solely on our family. This one keeps me on my toes and is the total opposite of his sister. Yet, we all blend together and my children are the best of friends. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Sometimes, we make our own plans for life but God shows you he had other ideas in mind. He likes to constantly remind me that I don't really have control over everything in my life. So, for our little bit of news, which came as a complete surprise to us:
Baby #3 will be making an appearance December 2017. After letting the initial shock and surprise wear off, we couldn't be more excited. Our children are ready for the baby to come home today and I feel like I could wait until February or March!

As of tomorrow, I will be 16 weeks. I really have no complaints about pregnancy and feel blessed to have a mostly smooth ride. I had morning sickness initially that was as bad as my first pregnancy but it ended with the first trimester. We do not know the gender and are hoping to find out at about 20 weeks. We are mostly just thankful to God for entrusting us with another life and praying for a healthy baby and smooth transition as we become a family of 5!

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