Monday, July 17, 2017

Celebrating our baby turning 2

It's official. I now have a two year old baby boy. As many will say, time goes by so fast when you're raising children. We feel like the time just keeps going faster and faster.
We did a party a few weeks ago with my family when we were camping with them since we didn't know when we would see them all again. So, on his birthday, Payton and I took some extra time preparing for his party (just the four of us) and making his day extra special. 
 I helped the kids color birthday hats, which never actually made it to the party. A certain female didn't want to let me cut the hat out of the paper once the decorating was done...

We also made cupcakes together and I let the kids decorate them. It's so fun to see how much they have grown with their decorating skills. I'm loving that my kids still want to play a role in getting ready for their own parties! There may come a time where that isn't the case.

Because I had procrastinated wrapping the birthday gifts (bonus points for not procrastinating buying the presents this time around), Payton helped me wrap the gifts while Riley took his daily nap. She was so excited to give him his gifts and "assist" him with opening them. Once Monte came home, we sang to Riley, opened gifts, and shared a few cupcakes!
It seems that when you have an older sister, she tends to monopolize all aspects of your life. Riley, did okay with this though, for the most part. Overall, it was a great 2nd birthday.

We kept the party going with Grandma coming for a short visit over the weekend and then we spent Sunday and Monday camping at our local lake. Tomorrow we will be home and I hope to get caught up on everything I'm behind on.

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