Monday, July 10, 2017

Our 4th of July and the rest of our week

After wrapping up dance camp last Friday, Payton brought home a cold. Unfortunately, she shared with all of us. This has made for a quiet week and a half. We cancelled our plans with friends for the 4th and spent a very low-key day at home instead. Most of the day was spent resting, but we did get outside for the evening to let the kids do a few festive activities: fireworks and s'mores.

 Riley loved the sparklers while Payton loves the pops you throw on the ground. Before ending the day, we asked the kids to name their favorite part of that 4th of July:

Dirty faces, tired babies, and nothing but love for the holidays.

The rest of our week has been spent recovering. We are on day 10 of being sick and still not feeling quite like ourselves yet. This has meant we've spent a lot of time inside so I've had to rely on several art activities I had laying around.
One of the grandmas had sent canvases for the kids to paint, so we worked on that one day. As part of our library's summer reading challenge, we got worksheet packets that the kids have been working on. Most of the worksheets involved coloring but one project was to make a house. The kids loved this! Payton asked to make a few more houses the next day. They have played with their houses since. They have used them for puppet shows, made cities, and today Payton was using them as part of her farm.

This afternoon, Payton begins her second dance camp and she is so excited. We are excited for her and hoping she doesn't bring any more germs home with her!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. The kids' canvases turned out beautifully! I need to try something like that with my kids. While I love art, I struggle to think of creative kid-friendly artsy-crafty ideas. Those will make great wall decoration!


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