Friday, July 14, 2017

Riley turns 2!

Happy Birthday to our Riley bug. Your "cheese" face, waking up to you saying "hello, it's me, Riley," and watching you take on the world has brought so much love (and laughter) to our lives. This place became so much better when you entered it.

This morning, we went outside to play and I took a few pictures of Riley with a #2 balloon. This is the face he loves to make when he says, "Cheese."
Today has been so comical because Riley has never been our shy baby but he is playing that role as family calls him. He's having a hard time having so much attention on him when he's used to his sister stealing the spotlight (and we all seem to let her). 

Oh Riley bug, may you always know how valued you are to this family. Your love shines through you and shows in all that you do. Don't ever lose that. Happy Birthday my baby!

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