Thursday, April 20, 2017

Let's Play Farmer

Originally, Payton wanted to be a doctor so bad to both animals and humans. Recently though, she started saying she wanted to be a farmer instead. The farmland surrounding our properties is just starting to see activity again as farmers prepare for another season so I think this may be why she had a change in career goals. 

We have a friend that lives on a farm and she called saying she had a few bucket calves and wanted to know if we would like to bring the kids to feed them. I didn't hesitate a second and accepted immediately. We brought out food for a picnic in exchange for an evening of playing farmer.
Oh my goodness! We had so much fun being exposed to this way of living. The kids have been talking about it since. Riley was obsessed with the little "moos" of the baby calves. One of the calves was born that day so that was so neat to see. 

Payton was so excited to feed the horses until they actually ate out of her hand. She has always been super clean and the messiness that comes with letting horses eat out of your hand was not her cup of tea. She was a good sport though. 

Payton also loved all the gates and figured out the system quickly. She loved opening and closing gates on moving the baby calves around. They followed her closely!
 Now that we are spending today at home, the kids and I went and put together a vase of fresh blooms from our yard. Lilacs and apple blossoms! I love this part of spring and the smell of fresh lilacs. Life doesn't get any better with the help of my littles either:

We are spending today at home and, other than a visit from a friend this morning, have nothing planned on the agenda. These are the days we love!

Have a great Thursday!

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