Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day to Day Life and This Week

Some weeks I don't have a specific topic I want to talk about and other times I don't have the time to do something specific. This happens to be a week I didn't know if I would even do a post. I took a quick peek at my pictures from the week though and knew I wanted to get them uploaded.

This blog is for my children. My hope is that years from now when they meander down my posts, they will get a general idea of our daily life. Sure, the big stuff is great and holds special memories for a lifetime. The real fabric of life is in how you operate during the day to day. This is what weaves us together and creates who we are. I know so many of my pictures are on repeat, like swinging
Climbing trees,
and learning.

But's that's the reality of our days and how we spend our time. I am a stay at home mom and this is the type of life we believe to be right for our situation. Do I always think our life will be filled with quiet, outside, do whatever we feel like days? Absolutely not. Some day, my kids will be older and we will enter a much different stage of life. Sure, I don't know 100% what that new stage will look like for us or what we will deem best for our family. However, I am just enjoying today and the beautiful life that has been unfolding in front of me.

Each week, I take the kids to volunteer at the nursing home. I haven't shared pictures of this part of our life so that I can keep the lives of those we visit private. This is a huge part of our week though and our kids love visiting with the residents. Here is a picture I got after our visit one day:
Most mornings at our house start off slow. A few times a week, I let the kids watch a show while I do the dishes and prepare breakfast. On Monday, I came around the corner to collect the kids for breakfast and was greeted with this sight:
Popcorn for breakfast! After the kids go to bed, my husband and I tend to eat a treat together. Apparently, our popcorn didn't get put away the night before. The kids have asked for this breakfast every morning since.

We are definitely enter the stage of life where we can't leave things out in the obvious any more. For instance, Payton is already aware (and has used) the birthday gift we have made for her. It is large and hard to conceal so we knew hiding it would be quite the task. So, we let her know as we went through the process of creating:
A puppet show theater is coming to our house. We try to create special DIY projects for our big gifts for birthdays as much as possible. This hasn't always been the case every year. I blogged about the time we created a children's outdoor converting picnic table for Payton's birthday. That same table happens to be in the coloring picture above.

Our weeks are equally quiet and busy at the same time. We are not over scheduled, yet raising two young children keeps us constantly going. This weekend Payton will have her 4th birthday party and we are so excited to celebrate her. The party will be at our house so we are spending the week preparing for this. I hope to get a post on here next week about her special day and our Easter activities.

Have a great week and a Happy Easter!

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