Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Recap: Cuddles, Outside Exploration, and a Family Picture

I'm getting very excited for warmer weather. Every time we get a little taste of decent temperatures, I find myself thinking of my mental to-do list of activities for spring and summer. I love spring almost as much as I love fall. It's so fun to see color come back into our scenery, new plants bloom, and hear the birds out in the morning. The kids love looking for animals outside and spent most of this morning bird and squirrel watching.

We seem to continue to vary being outside and being inside. Payton is really starting to enjoy Disney movies and loves to cuddle while watching her movies. Riley is much more active these days and still has trouble sitting for a whole movie. So, we have to continue to strive for balance. Lots of busy activities for a few quiet, slow activities.

I'm hoping to post later this week about the adventures Payton has been having with her daddy. She has gone with him a few times to turkey hunt. This is a big deal for us as my husband loves to hunt and has been hoping for children that want to hunt with him. She isn't old enough to actually complete the hunt, but she has been helping with calling turkeys and looking for them. They have heard turkeys talk to them, but so far have not seen one while hunting yet.

While she is gone with her daddy, I have been entertaining Riley. This is a special time for us, too. We have had trips to the park, explored our own backyard, cooked meals together, and sat down for a few picnics. 
The extra 1:1 time with mommy has definitely worn him out (along with his continual desire to start his days at 5:30-6AM) and he seems to be spending more and more time "resting" for a few minutes at a time:
Payton continues to love school and asks for us to work on her letters and alphabet constantly. This makes it a lot of work for me sometimes because I'm not always prepared (also, can't I get weekends off)! My mother sent a dry erase board and that has made it easy to practice frequently with no time for preparation. Her name is starting to come along:
I thought I would end this with a laugh. Payton spends lots of time drawing and came up to me the other day with a picture of her family:
There really isn't much I can say about this that the picture doesn't say for itself. 

Have a great week!

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