Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Payton's Hunting Adventures with Her Daddy

As I mentioned earlier this week, Payton has been going turkey hunting with her father. She has loved this experience and I wanted to dedicate a post just to that. I hope one day down the road, she and my husband will both see this and reminisce about how much fun they had together.
 This was a picture of them leaving for the first time. Payton was so excited and couldn't wait to help call turkeys. I packed several "quiet" activities (reusable sticker pad , water coloring books, etc) and a lunch for them. There was a lot of food but I was sure she would eat most of the time anyways (which she did).

Since I didn't personally go on this trip (Riley and I had fun at home), I thought I would show the pictures to Payton and let her tell me about what she did:

In the words of Payton: She helps daddy hunt by putting up the little tent. She pulls it out of a bag and watches it pop up. Then, she sits in it and talks to Daddy. She starts to eat some of the food her mommy packs for her. While she eats, she uses the binoculars to try and see something. She didn't see anything. Her daddy uses the turkey call and sometimes she gets to help use this call as well. Once she had to go to the bathroom and so she learned how to go potty in the grass. Sometimes, they hear turkeys talk to them and sometimes they don't. They haven't had a turkey come close to them yet. When they are done, they clean up everything they brought and walk it back to the truck. She has a lot of fun hunting with daddy and hopes to go again soon.

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