Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are You Here Yet???

Is it just me or has winter this year felt like it has gone on fooorrreeevvveeerrr?!?! Seriously! I needed some fresh air and a warm, sunny day!

Then, we got one beautiful day! Not even kidding, it was 78 here yesterday (which is crazy when our most recent high for months was 60 and gloomy). It was phenomonial to get a little taste of summer again! It only lasted a moment as today is back down into the 50s, but we made the day count and wanted to share some pictures with you:

Can a momma ever take enough pictures? I don't think so!

Our day was filled with a walk, running errands, just playing on our deck, grilling, and visiting with friends. We finished our night off sitting on our patio with our neighbors. 

I hope you had warm weather where you are and enjoyed it to the fullest as well!

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