Monday, April 28, 2014

Funding Your College Education

You may or may not have heard about the Duke University freshman student, Miriam Weeks, working in the porn industry, under the name of Belle Knox, to finance her way through college.
I, like many others upon hearing this news, was surprised to hear working in the porn industry was one of the few avenues she had to pay her college tuition, according to her interviews with the media. Not wanting to take out loans (Duke costs reportedly $60,000/year) she sought out another route, thus leading her to the porn industry.

I can applaud her for not wanting to join the majority of students who take out massive loans and graduate with a large amount of debt to repay. However, I argue that you can finance your education and graduate debt-free without aspiring to be a porn star!

How do I know this with absolute certainty? What, you are doubting me? I am 100% sure you can go to college and graduate debt-free because I did it! I did.

I actually did more than that! I graduated with my master's degree (6+ years of college) debt-free! You are probably wondering how I did this? Well, I would like to share that information with you, along with ways that you can graduate debt-free as well!

While in college, I documented my money saving journey. That journal sat in my room until I recently stumbled across it. After wiping the dust off, I read my writing, and realized what I did was just too good not to share! So, with a lot of time, late nights, and several drafts later I have to share with you, my book:

If you are considering going to college or are a student already, this is the book for you! I share with you ways that you can save money in college along with my personal story of how I completed 6 years of education and graduated debt-free! I took out about $6,000 in loans during that time but paid them in full prior to graduation. I truly believe that you can do the same! Let me help you on your journey!

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