Monday, April 21, 2014

You're A Hoot!

Over this weekend, we had Payton's first birthday party! It is bittersweet to think of our baby turning 1 in a mere few days. Where does time go?

The party was very stressful for me for some reason. Maybe the combination of hosting an Easter dinner, throwing a birthday party, and having a house full of people was just a tad overwhelming for me! I move much slower with a child in tow! In any case, it was a relaxing weekend and there were no major problems (except the minor issue of forgetting to pick up the special ordered meat for Easter dinner, uh, a minor glitch, maybe).

Payton's party was owl themed! She has a toy owl she latched on to shortly after birth and still loves today, so we felt the theme would be quite fitting! In combination with Easter weekend, we chose the colors of the party to match. Thus, the focus was on pink, yellow, and green with a touch of burlap (I totally love this current trend). An owl cake, made by yours truly, tied it all together.

The weather was so amazing, we ended up moving everything outside! This worked out well when Payton got to enjoy her first sweet, a chocolate birthday cupcake. I don't think she ate much but she sure got it everywhere!

We started to clean her off outside, but learned quickly the best way to clean her was to just give her a quick bath!

We opened presents after the bath and the hubby and I were so excited about one of our gifts. We made, together, a child-sized picnic table that converts to benches! Okay, my hubby really made it and I helped when I could! Have I told you how handy he is? 
She loved the table and surprisingly seemed to understand its function better than we had anticipated!
She is such a big girl! We really wanted a good gift she could grow with for her first birthday. I think we nailed it, literally!

After opening presents, everyone lounged around outside enjoying the perfect spring weather! I am already thinking about themes for next year's party!

What party themes have you done?

As for the forgetting to pick up the meat for Easter... we didn't realize until after the store closed! We had a few minutes of panicking and then pulled out some steaks! We were not traditional this year for our Easter meal, but there's always next year to get it right!


  1. That picture with the chocolate all over her face is just toooooo precious! Love the owl cake. I did an angry bird party for my oldest last year. Boy it was a lot of work!

    1. Thank you! I imagine an angry bird cake to be quite challenging! I may start turning future cakes back to the professionals as it was quite a stressor to make this cake! Thanks for stopping by!


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