Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big, Big, BIG News

Just to keep you in suspense, you will have to hold on a bit for the big news...

When my husband and I married, I knew of two things my husband really wanted in life:

1. Kids (More specifically, to be done having kids by 30. He turns 30 this year, so he may not totally get that one the way he wanted.

You know I love to take any opportunity to put up pics of our baby! She thinks she's hilarious (and I tend to agree).

2. To live in the country.

Now, I honestly am a city girl. I love hearing the traffic and people. People watching is a favorite past time. We live in a small town now, so I imagined my child making neighborhood friends and playing hide-and-seek together.  I thought we were getting the best of both worlds. You know, small town (like the country) but in town (like the city).

My husband continued his search for the perfect home in the country though. And then, he found it! At least, we think it's the one.

So, we are under contract for a home in the country. This move will be bittersweet for me as the house we are leaving has become a home filled with so many memories. A happy marriage, starting careers, finding out we were pregnant, DIY projects galore, and bringing our first child home all reside within this house.  Okay, I am a bit attached!

My days are filled with such mixed emotions as I anticipate this new change. We knew our current home wouldn't be forever as we are quickly outgrowing it. I think I just have continued to hold on to the "end of time" idea.

So what does this mean for the blog and becoming debt-free? Well, I honestly don't know for sure yet how that will change our financial situation. If you read here, we were scheduled to be debt-free within 7 years. All we have is our mortgage left to pay off.

We still want to be debt-free, we just may have extended our timeframe a bit. I will post more on that as I become sure of what our change means!

On the plus side, I anticipate having many DIY posts as our new house is quite the fixer upper! It is a foreclosure and we snagged an amazing deal on it, but it definitely needs some work!

Join me for the ride? I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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