Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

Summer feels like it is finally making it's appearance! We have had perfect weather this weekend... well, sorta! Friday and Saturday made it into the 70s, but Sunday we got a snowstorm! Oh yes, we did! One day we were outside in shorts and tank tops, the next in snowsuits!

We had another quiet weekend which is awesome because our schedule is about to get BUSY! We will soon kick off the season with a combo of weddings, birthday parties, moving, and of course all the daily life stuff, like working. That last one isn't as fun to talk about!

But speaking of work, have I mentioned my hubby has to go to Germany for work for a week in May?!?! His job sounds horrid, doesn't it? I would like to go, too but we aren't ready to leave our little for a week and a 15-hour flight doesn't sound very appealing with a (almost) 1-year old either! I am still deciding what I will do, but I am thinking of taking the week off, seeing some girlfriends, taking the little on a fun trip (zoo, maybe) and possibly also seeing my family! 

Okay, all of that stuff has yet to be decided and I will keep you posted! Until then, let's talk weekend recap! 

On Friday, I packed up a little picnic (avocado egg salad sandwiches, chips, and oranges) and we made an impromptu trip for dinner at the park. Impromptu ideas are more my style these days. Believe me, you would be shocked to hear that if you knew me BB (Before Baby). This idea turned out great and Payton loved the food, playing on the playground, and our walk afterwards! An extra bonus was... she slept like an angel that night!

Saturday, we lounged during the morning and then kicked it outside for a bit! Don't you love her paradise we created?!?! 

Sunday brought a snowstorm, so I made brownies and we chillaxed inside where it was warm! The highlight of the day, a snow removal truck knocked down our mailbox! No kidding! 

How was your weekend? Share your weekend recap with me, I would love to hear it!

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