Monday, May 4, 2015

28 Week Bump Update

I don't know if I will ever say that I am ahead of the game! It's been about 8 weeks since my last bump update. I wish I was more on the ball and did these more frequently but life seems to have gotten the better of me. How does life get so busy when children enter the picture?

I am finally at 28 weeks! Our first child arrived at 37 weeks, so I feel like we are getting closer and closer to meeting our little one! Here is what's going on at this time for me:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity clothes: I am wearing all maternity clothes now! There are some shirts and yoga pants I still squeeze into that are not maternity, but other than that all my pre-pregnancy clothes have been packed away! It's crazy how every pregnancy is different! I was able to wear my regular clothes through almost all of my first pregnancy, but there is definitely no way I could do that this time around. I'm sure running during my first pregnancy wouldn't have made that much of a difference (wink, wink)! There is something to be said about running after a toddler all day though.

Sleep: This depends on the night! Payton has been having a lot of sleeping issues lately and has been up for long periods of the night. The few nights she sleeps though, I sleep.
Best moment this month: I love watching and feeling our little one kicking. Finding out the gender and sharing with everyone was also so much fun for us! My mom and I just purchased a "coming home" outfit we plan to bring the baby home from the hospital in and that got me so excited for our baby to get here.
Worst moment this month: Holy back pain! I keep growing, growing, growing, and Payton continues to want me to carry her 90% of the time. It's definitely weighing on my back and hips.
Miss anything: Same as last time, alcohol is hard to give up sometimes. We have had several amazing nights with friends where it would have been nice to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine. I have also missed coffee (I choose to give caffeine up with pregnancies) as I take on days with little to no sleep due to Payton not sleeping at night.
Movement: Baby #2, you are quite strong already! We feel lots of frequent movement. He also likes to sit tightly against my tummy so you can literally feel him against my skin. It's the most amazing experience!
Cravings: Fruits, veggies, and chocolate! I'm really into M&Ms, malts, and strawberries lately.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting the baby's bedroom ready. We also have another ultrasound coming up that I am excited for. I always love seeing our baby!
Have a great Monday!

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  1. You look so great! It is tricky when your toddler wants to be carried... definitely makes it hard for pregnant mommy! My son wants to be carried now and then and WOW does my back disapprove of that.

    Each pregnancy is definitely different! The maternity clothes have been much more necessary for me this time around, too :) Enjoy your upcoming ultrasound!
    Amy @


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