Monday, May 11, 2015

2nd Birthday Recap

Turning 2 is a huge deal, um, for the parents! Payton still doesn't seem to uderstand birthdays and what they entail, but for the parents, it's a true celebration of the day that changed our lives for the better. I can't believe how fast time has sped up since becoming a parent.

This year, we chose not to have a birthday party for Payton (insert parent guilt here) due to my husband's crazy traveling work schedule during this time. Many work trips were planned, cancelled, rescheduled, and taken with little to no notice. In the end, we decided it would be easier to skip this year's party since we couldn't guarantee my husband would be present. Payton, we promise to make it up to you next year!

Actually, not having a party ended up leading to the most remarkable month long celebration! Our household was so spoiled with visitors throughout the entire month to celebrate our toddler's birthday. The month kicked off with my mother coming to visit for a week! A week, I tell you, is the very best thing in the world when you need a little extra help raising a child and could use an extra nap or two (thanks Mom)! We went to the park, shopped til' we dropped, partied hard, and ate lots of ice cream and other unhealthy treats.

Both of the hubby's parents also came for a weekend. They spoiled Payton rotten with many gifts, including a set of bubbles (an easy favorite for a toddler)! Grandma also gave Payton her first manicure/pedicure and I couldn't believe how still Payton sat. I also couldn't believe how grown up it made her look!

Her uncle also stopped by to help me randomly during the week with Payton's quiet time (no naps here anymore). We loved that, especially since he moved the next week and no longer lives 5 minutes away from us. Now, we have to drive 3+ hours to see him. We miss him so much!

On Payton's actual birthday (which landed on a Tuesday this year) she spent the whole day with me. We kicked off the day with cupcakes for breakfast since you have to break the rules sometimes. After getting dressed, we headed to the library for story time and then spent the rest of the day playing outside. When Daddy got home, the real fun started. We surprised Payton with picking up fast food (although I did pack some fruit sides, drinks, and cupcake dessert) and eating at the park. Like almost any toddler, the park is always a definite win for this girl! She got to feed the ducks and play at the park's playground. She was one happy girl!

We had one last visitor the week of her birthday, one of my best friend's, came to stay with us! We loved having her visit and celebrate Payton's birthday with us! It was such a blessing.

So maybe omitting a birthday party every few years isn't the worst thing in the world. Right?!?!

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