Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our 6 Month Old

Today, our baby boy turns 6 months. He has definitely grown like a weed in the last few months and I'm amazed at how much bigger he is than his sister was at this age. He is definitely the most patient baby and that bodes well for him in this family.

Age: 6 months

Stats: I'm actually not entirely sure how much he weighs. I'm thinking about 20 pounds. I also don't know his length. I will post an update after his next appointment.

Nicknames: little boy, big guy, and baby. He is always "baby" to Payton. We actually mostly use Riley.

Milestones: He sits up by himself unattended, for the most part. We continue sitting with him as he does fall over occasionally. He loves to babble talk, blow bubbles, and laugh.

He is sitting in his high chair and has had his first food (oats and breastmilk). He so far isn't a fan of food... yet. 

Riley sleeps well most nights, with only getting up once typically. He is still swaddled with his arms out. He is also still in the bassinet. We tried the crib one night but getting out of bed 100 times to put a pacifier in his mouth didn't work well for me. We are hoping to make the transition to the crib soon.

Favorite things: Riley loves bouncing in the exersaucer and exploring all toys with his mouth. He definitely loves his big sister, possibly more than his mama. He lights up whenever she is around. He kicks like crazy trying to move and keep up with her. It won't be long...

Signature moves: Moving his arms and legs like crazy. At night, he flaps his arms so they hit the sides of his bassinet. He is quite the splasher in the bath tub. He loves to arch himself around to try and see the tv or his sister playing. He must have something in his hands at all times. Chucking his pacifier across the room and then screaming for it to come back to him is also a fun game. Recently, Riley has started to spit constantly and he's decided he loves the sound/feeling.

The most notable move he has is when his sister's baby dolls are being handed to him. He reaches for those babies, holds their hands, squeals in delight, and loves them like crazy. It is such a sight to see.
Riley, you bring so much to our family. We look forward to watching you continue to grow. We love you more than words could ever say.

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