Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Beauty of Disney on a Thursday

With another snowstorm blowing through, we spent another day stuck indoors. I really wanted to shake things up but that can be hard after a long night of almost no sleep. I decided the best I could do was give in and turn on the tv. Sigh.

As I was scrolling through our dvr, I noticed we had Cinderella on there. Can I just say, I love a good Disney movie. Since Payton hadn't seen it yet, now was the perfect chance to introduce her. Payton, meet the wonderful world of Disney. Disney, meet the wonderful toddler, Payton. And, thus, their relationship begins.

I couldn't believe how sucked in she was. She danced through all of the songs. When Cinderella got her ball gown on, Payton ran to get her "tutu." 
She was just the sweetest to watch. As Cinderella lost her shoe, she went and grabbed her white shoes. She only put on one. Gosh, she picks up on so much these days.

Riley and I sure love to watch her and become a part of her world.
Isn't he so serious? He loves just taking us all in. Believe me, we keep him entertained.

So, another day is almost done for us and I just can't help but be thankful. Maybe being stuck indoors isn't that bad after all.

Happy Thursday! 

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