Monday, January 18, 2016

Toddler Activities: Learning to Pour

I have several friends on Facebook who are always (and I mean always) putting up pictures of their toddlers doing Pinterest worthy activities. I won't lie, I used to struggle with seeing these pictures. I have many days where I'm just lucky to get through the day doing the bare minimum.

Eventually, I came to a point where I enjoy seeing the pictures of my friends being so productive. They inspire me for moments when I do have time to throw together a little activity for my toddler, and they save me time searching on Pinterest. 

We had a free afternoon a few days ago so I decided it was time to work on Payton's pouring skills, which were almost nonexistent since I still do pouring tasks for her. I laid out a waterproof mat and grabbed a handful of towels to prepare for the cleanup this project would require. We have several containers and water pitchers that work perfectly for pouring water and I just added in a few of her play toy cups for her to pour the water in. 

To make it a little extra fun, I added food coloring to the water so she could see several colors. They all ended up mixed together but she had so much fun watching them mix.

This activity took 5 minutes to throw together and my daughter played for almost an hour! She had so much fun. It worked well inside but would make an even better outside activity. And guess what? I underestimated her pouring abilities. She may actually get to start practicing this skill more in the kitchen now.

What toddler activities have you done recently?

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