Friday, December 6, 2013

Apology to My Fur Babies- I am not always enough

Dear Wes and Maggie,

When I first found out I was pregnant, you were the first two I told. We then hatched a plan to tell your Daddy! I told you about how exciting this time would be in our lives. We couldn't wait to bring this bundle of joy home. We couldn't wait to start a family.

What I didn't tell you was that you would be giving up mommy and daddy time. Your daily walks would almost cease to be for an uncertain period of time. That with the birth of a new baby, Mommy and Daddy may treat you like ghosts, walking around the house with little acknowledgement of your existence. Your water and food dishes may sit empty for a longer period than you would like.

For all of these reasons and many more, I am deeply sorry. I didn't realize adding a child into the mix would change your lives so much, in ways that are not always for the better. I also didn't realize in my quest to start a family, as hard as that journey was, that I already had a family with the two of you. You both came to me at different times in my life, but during times when I needed you more than you needed me. I promise to work harder on being the person you need me to be, the person you knew before.

Although you may be doubting this experience we are undertaking with a new child, I can tell you this. With our expanding family, you will always have a playmate. Our child will love you as unconditionally as you already love her. 

You will find satisfaction and happiness in moments where we all pile on the couch together, just like we used to, to watch tv or read books to our newest addition. You will love following alongside our little one as she rides her bike down the street. You will kiss her tears away in the same way you have ours. In return, she will run home to you as quick as she can, she will welcome you into her bed to sleep, and she will share her food with you. 

My two fur babies, please forgive me. I solemnly swear to try harder. I haven't given you my best recently but I am working on that. 

Love always.



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