Friday, December 13, 2013

Saving Money on Holiday Decorating Part 1

I aim to do everything in life on a budget. Generally, a TiGhT budget! Holiday decorating has been no exception. I wanted to share some pictures with you from my home, with the costs, and how I scored some of my bargains! Let's begin with the inside (outside will be Part 2):

The tree is always a good place to start. The actual tree itself came into my life during a time I didn't even know I wanted one! I had just moved to the city for college and my mom, on the whim, decided to stop at a garage sale. We looked, found nothing, and started to leave. I paused to look at a huge box on the edge of this person's driveway. "If you want that, I will give you one great deal," someone shouted at me. Honestly, I had no clue what I was looking at. My mother started talking about how I will eventually need a tree at my apartment for Christmas. That's when I figured out that the box was an artificial tree! This tree was marked $10. I walked away, tree in hand for $5. Seven years later, I still marvel at this steal of a deal!

I do see artificial trees for sell in our area for less than $100. I would say that in this case buying a used artificial tree is the cheapest route. Purchasing used during the off season (summer garage sales anyone) will most likely help you score the deal of a century! The best part about finding a good deal?!?! You can brag each year about it as you pull your tree out!

The decorations are next. They cost me nothing! Read more about that here. If I had to buy, I would get my decorations within the week after Christmas! Why?!?! Most retailers mark down holiday decorations up to 90% off when the season is done. You will want to go as soon as these deals begin though because they can be mighty picked through if you wait too long! This route means you are preplanning for the next year already! How organized does that make you feel?

Garland on the stairs just adds a little something extra! Last year, the day after Christmas, I snagged 2 boxes of garland from Walmart clearances out! I paid about $12. I then wrapped the strands together and added some candy cane decoration I picked up at a yard sale for $.50. I want to eventually add some colorful ball ornaments but haven't had the time yet.

Last but not least, this little gem! He was also purchased from a garage sale a few years ago. I paid $1. I am afraid next year, with a toddler, he will have to be moved higher!

I have tons more decorated areas I could show but don't want to bombard you! Basically, I look year round for decorating items. The best deals seem to be during off season when people and retailers don't want to store holiday seasonal items any longer.

What tips for money saving while holiday decorating do you have?


  1. Hi Kelly! I'm stopping by from the SITS forum. These are great tips. I love finding good deals. My husband is a saver and I used to be a spender, it's been quite a learning curve to get the hang of being thrifty. I would love to impress him with these finds. I'm going to have to hit my favorite stores after Christmas. We have lots of indoor stuff but no outside decorations yet.

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by! You are going to have to share with me how you converted from a spender to a saver! My husband is the spender at our house, we have come a long ways, but there is still a bit to go! I hope you end up with some good finds after Christmas!


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