Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saving Money by Getting More Money with New Credit Card Offers

I received an email about this offer today. If you have read this post, you know that I believe you should only get credit cards if you can continue to live within your means. This means, you will only charge what you know you can pay off when the bills come. If you can do this, look into getting cards that offer amazing new member offers like this offer is. If you can't do this, stay away from credit cards!

For this offer, American Express is offering $100, a 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime, and up to 6% cash back. My husband and I currently have Hulu, but if we like Amazon Prime we could cancel Hulu and save $84 in a year. We are currently looking into that.

The hook that really has me buying into this offer is the $100 free and up to 6% cash back. The $100 free is typically what I get with new credit cards (done with both Discover and Visa). You typically have to spend so much within a certain time frame to get the money, in this case $1000 in purchases within the first 3 months of having the card. This is no problem for us because I can easily switch all my online bills (utilities, trash, water, electric) to this card, even temporarily. We will also use this card exclusively for the first 3 months, or until we reach the $1000.

If you pay your credit cards on time, you want to take advantage of the cash back rewards.This card offers up to 6% cash back, while our other credit cards only offer up to 5%. In reading the fine print for this offer, only groceries will get 6% cash back. Still, that sounds good to us because we definitely go grocery shopping!

So I was all set to go, until I saw that there is an annual fee of $75/yearThis is why you must read  the fine print before you agree to ANY TERMS. I live by the rule that because we are not using credit cards as a line of credit, they must NOT cost us anything!

However, if you look at the offer American Express has on their Everyday card, you can get $50, 1 year of Amazon Prime, and up to 3% cash back with their Everyday card. That is a deal I can go for. There is no annual fee. Although the cash back is less than I have earned on some cards, the other 2 free offers make it a good deal!

How do you know a credit card offer is a GOOD deal?

*note: this post is NOT affiliated or sponsored by American Express or any other company. This is 
solely my own expressed opinion.

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