Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY Child's Toy Box

We are so excited to show you our (finally) completed toy box for our little one! We have spent months working on this project (not necessarily grueling hours, just many short intervals of time). We are very pleased with the results. 
One side
Other side.



Don't you love it?!?! 

We started with a wood toy box my father-in-law made for us when we found out we were pregnant with our first child. I swear I took a before picture, but can't find it anywhere. Oh well!

We then went to our nearest paint store which happens to be Ace Hardware. We picked out a basic color scheme to start with:

An added bonus, I had coupons for 2 free samples of paint. This palate was the starting point or us, so we stayed with more neutral colors. We knew we would be adding in some color as we went. The rest of our colors used were leftover paint we had from other projects.

Like with most of our projects, we started with one idea and ended with something entirely different. Our ideas evolve as the project goes on!

We wanted our design to include owls because, since birth, our little one has loved a toy owl she was given. This theme seems to suit her! We were given owl stencils and purchased a family tree wall art design from Hobby Lobby. I also splurged (no coupon used... I did try to find one though) and bought the Play lettering on top of the toy box through Etsy for 19.50 (with shipping).

We want to add more owls to the front as our family grows (God willing)! For now, we have a mommy, daddy, and baby owl to represent our little family!

Once all the painting was done, we did 3 coats of polycrylic protective finish. This should help to protect our work and the wood over the years.

As in the past, I kept a running total of our cost for thos project! The cost of our toy box:

Wood Toy Box: Free, gift from family, made from scrap wood
Owl stencils: Free, gift from family
Family tree wall art: $11
Play wall art: $19.50
Paint: $9 (most paint we already had from previous projects, 2 cans were free with coupons, the paint we did buy was in the smallest size possible and on sale)

Total: $39.50

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