Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saving Money on Holiday Decorating Part 2

Decorating the outside of my house was a bit more expensive than the inside has been (read about that here). Our outside decor is still a work in progress as I still have several things I would like to do such as add 2 more wreaths in the house windows and 2 additional wreaths on the garage. I also want to get huge lanterns and add candles to them for the front porch area. Maybe after Christmas this year when retailers have slashed their prices I will find a steal of a deal!

I digress. Back to topic! Around the same time we purchased our home I came across a beautiful picture in a Pottery Barn catalog. See a picture of this catalog's photo below:

Our house
is similar to the house in the Pottery Barn picture, for the most part! Thus, my inspiration was born! As with decorating the inside of my house, I purchased most decorations after Christmas when retailers discounted their decor by up to 90% off. That included all of the ornaments used, ribbon, and wreaths. We had the hardest time finding enough lights after the Christmas sale. These are fairly picked through after the holidays! That means, we unfortunately paid full price at Menard's (minus some rebate cards I had on previous purchases.

The 2 wreaths (window and front spot) were handmade and given to us. If you are someone that is hard to buy for, consider putting your favorite holiday decorations on your wish list! These item can be great gifts that last you years! Also, making your own decorations will generally cost less and you just might be more satisfied with the product! I know I love my wreaths more than department store's!

Although none of my items were purchased used via sale listing sites (Craigslist, Local area Facebook exchange page) or garage sales, this could be a great option for someone on a tight budget! Just keep in mid the style and theme you are going for so you don't end up with a hodge podge of decor (unless that IS the look you want). A good deal can cost you more money if you end up changing your mind or deciding the item doesn't match with the overall design. 

My breakdown for the outside decor so far:

5 pre-lit strands of garland- $35
2 big containers of solid colored ornaments- $25
Icicle lights- $40
Various single ornaments for front entry way big decoration- $30
Front door wreath- FREE (gift from family)
Window wreath- FREE (gift from family)

Total: $130

That may be a bit higher than I would like it to be but I am quite satisfied with the progress! 

How do you save money on outdoor holiday decorating?

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